Photography workflow is something that changes from person to person in very different ways. In todays world we all use different software and tools to get the job finished on time, especially if we our getting paid for the task in hand, and we are working to a deadline.

Where do we begin I ask myself. So lets start at the beginning, and I’m presuming you have taken your images with the SD or CF cards in front of you. We will start by using a bit of software called Photo Mechanic and this will be a key step in our workflow, its made by Camera Bits.

First steps to a better photography workflow

Photo Mechanic will Handle all the meta data and culling of the images, as its far faster at rendering the files than lightroom can process them. You will need to use and get familiar with the IPT stationery pad, as you can save all your key wordings for other projects along with all your information i.e business info. This helps speed up your workflow by not having to input everything all the time for every job you do.

When we have finished with the stationery pad, and applied all the key wording and imported all the images, its time to start culling the good from the bad. I set my 1 and 2 on the keyboard to red and green, then mark all the images I don’t want with 1 and all the keepers with 2.

The end result will have all the good images key worded and renamed so they’re all in number sequence ready to drag over to light room for you to start editing.

Enjoy the video demonstrating all of the above in more detail. Please feel free to leave comments should you have questions for me to answer on the subject.