I get asked about once a week, “What are the Best Video Setting. So let me start off by eliminating two things you can take off the list. Those are aperture and ISO. Aperture, I really can’t tell you what to set it on because it depends on the type of look you are going after.With a shallow depth of field or not.

ISO is kind of there for exposure how you are going to set the exposure. I will say you do not want go too far north of let’s say 1600. Obviously you are going to need to use aperture along with the ISO to get the right exposure but at least it gets you in the ball park. Those two ingredients are taken off the list.

So the first I can tell you about what is on the list is shutter speed. Basically if you are going for a “filmic” look you are pretty much going to double your frame rate, so if you are shooting 24 frames per second you are going to want a 1/50th of a second shutter speed and if you are shooting at 60 frames per second you are going to go with 125th frames per second shutter speed. Now I will tell you it’s just kind of a guideline and a rule but I have shot at much higher shutter speeds and it has worked wonderful, especially if you are shooting something like myself which is just basically a moving head.

If you just getting your feet wet with your camera I think the best setting for Picture styles is natural. I use it 90% of the time. If you are outside filming some landscapes for instance then you might want to try Landscape, and if you are using a close in portrait shot you might want to try Portrait picture style. After you have had the camera for a while and you want to take it to the next level, you might want to create a very flat picture style so you can have more control over color, sharpness and saturation in post.

As for White Balance, the best setting by far is always going to be custom. This is where you get the perfect color temperature for your shot. This is best way to do it, but it is also unfortunately the most time consuming.

The best setting for focus is to set the camera to manual focus with peaking turn on.

Set Movie Exposure to Manual, this is the best way to go by not letting the camera to decide for you.

Grid display to Grid 1, this helps me with my composition just right.

Disable Highlight Tone Priority, I have done many tests with this and found it best just to leave it off.