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            Vitalina Wedding Caversham Court Gardens


            Caversham Court Gardens is a stunning location to have your wedding portrait photos. The couple started off at Reading Registry Office and arranged for me to join them after their ceremony. The couple were keeping this part intermit just for themselves and a couple of their close family.

            Following on from the couples wedding ceremony we made our way over to Caversham Court Gardens. Here we were going to spend an hour together creating some stunning moments. Caversham Court Gardens is one of my favourite locations. It has many beautiful spots located all around the gardens, not to mention the playful couple enjoying every moment.

            The hour past by so quickly. With the last click of the cameras shutter it was time to call it a day. Very strange feeling covering a wedding for just an hour. But I’m not complaining as I spent the rest of the day relaxing in my garden enjoying the sun.

            Big thanks to the happy couple.

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            Robert Pugh
            15th May 2017

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            Dear Robert,

            I just want to say HUGE Thank You! I have just had another look on our photos and they are absolutely stunning! 🙂
            Really recommend Robert’s service and professionalism if you want to be certain of having photographs you can be proud of 🙂 Robert’s equipment is not his camera but his “eyes”!

            Cant wait to make a beautiful album and to show it to our families and friends!

            Again, many thanks to you!
            Vitalina & Lee

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