Wedding Photographer Oxfordshire

        Planning a wedding?

        Or should we say, planning the most important day of your life?

        Then we bet you’re looking for the best quality wedding photography available. While wedding photography isn’t the most important part of the day, it’s certainly in the top five. Your wedding is going to be a day you’ll want to look back on forever and having quality photos that not only show you what a beautiful day it was, but allow you to feel exactly how you felt on the day is something you’ll cherish forever. A truly gifted photographer will capture the heart of your wedding day by photographing each exquisite moment, allowing you to relive them as if you were actually there.

        Here at R P Photography, Robert is one such photographer. Having been a wedding photographer since 2010, Robert has gained a keen eye for not just a good photo, but also a photo that captures the heart, a photo that still offers relevancy years down the line.

        The style in which he captures an image is beyond that of other local wedding photographers and no doubt why his work has taken him all over the world.

        Booking A Wedding Photographer

        Professional wedding photography isn’t something you’ll want to leave until the last minute. Like all talented professionals, Robert at R P Photography gets booked up rather quickly for the year ahead so it’s advisable that you start looking for your perfect photographer quickly. To make things as easy as possible for you, Robert has created three wedding photography packages to ensure you get the most out of your day no matter what budget you have.

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        Photography Packages

        They start from £450 and end at £1080. Each package is based upon an hourly rate with the first being a five hour package and the third being a twelve hour package.

        Five Hours


        The five hour package is a half day session that usually covers everything from the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and group shots.

        Ten Hours


        The next size package is a ten hour package priced at £900. This includes bridal prep, ceremony, wedding breakfast and usually up to the first dance.



        The twelve hour session covers absolutely everything, all the way up until the fireworks (should you have them) at the very end of your day.

        Bespoke Packages Outside The Berkshire Area
        All packages include travel up to 40 miles within a radius of the Reading, Berkshire, Oxfordshire area however anywhere outside of this radius will be charged at £0.45ppm. Robert also offers additional hours to his packages at £90 an hour.

        GET IN TOUCH

        For more information or to book Robert for your wedding day in Oxfordshire, Contact Robert today on 0741 1113815 .