Wedding Portraits With Olympus


            We set off to the stunning Danesfield House Hotel & Spa located in Marlow for part two of our very popular wedding business workshop, with this event concentrating on Bride and Groom portraits using off camera flash “SpeedLights” for dramatic lighting.

            We started the day with a 30min talk on LightBlue Software, a studio management tool for organising your photography business on the day to day running. The fun didn’t stop there with us arranging One Vision to showcase all their products from fine art printing to wedding albums and online proofing.

            At 11am it was time for the first shoot with natural light. Using the soft edge of light from the doorways worked a treat before we started to add reflectors to sofen the shadows.

            Before long it was time to get the flash out and my time to shine with my all time favourite bit of kit, the Profoto B2 battery pack and twin light kit. For today we will only be using a one light setup but as we move outside we will be using the sun as a secondery light source.

            The day was a massive success as we covered all the portraits, not to mention a live edit in Lightroom and Photoshop with the grand master himself Gavin Hoey.

            Big thank you to Danesfield House Hotel & Spa and Olympus UK for all their support on the day, and Dave from Artistic Motion for all the filming.

            Video highlights from wedding portraits workshop

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            Robert Pugh
            16th June 2015

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            Many thanks, Rob to you and the team – a great way to spend a sunny Monday and fascinating to see how you achieve those classy wedding shots. Now I have to see what I can do with the kit I’ve got – all Olympus of course, but without soft boxes etc – yet.

            As a keen amateur photographer thinking of a career in photography I found this course very useful. I had seen Robert at the Photography Show on the Olympus stand as was impressed at a demonstration he gave of photographing a bride with speedlights and softboxes. I found the technical aspects of the day useful and interesting, and gave me plenty of food for thought. I also liked the presentations from Hamish, Gavin and One Vision, and thought that added a lot to the day. As I said to Robert on the day I would be interested in attending his workshop on the business aspects (Part 1) as I have not attended it yet.

            I got some good images from the day which I have uploaded here:


            I am digesting the content from the day, and look forward to some more workshops with Robert.

            A great day, thanks Rob. I came with the intention of improving my craft with these amazing little Oly cameras – with particular focus on lighting using speed lights – and I have to say, the day didn’t disappoint. Thank you for the walk-throughs on the various setups and for your honest and very clear guidance on the use of flash photography in particular.
            A bit of a cliche to say we never stop learning (and as a part-time teacher, I would, wouldn’t I?) but it also happens to be true. I learned a great deal and added to my skills with the Oly set-up (having shot my first ‘Oly-Only’ wedding on Saturday; timing eh?) I also met some fun people (thanks especially to Gavin on that score – just like he is in the vids!), worked with some great models and enjoyed a fantastic location. I’m still digesting what I’ve learned and how it’s going to impact on my next shoot; I have some autumn weddings booked in and I am certain they will benefit from the new skills I have in lighting!

            I would recommend one of your courses for anyone (not just Oly shooters) looking to improve their skills and learn from your experience. I’m certainly interested in attending future events and if you do happen to find yourself a man down on a future shoot, I’ll throw my hat firmly in the ring!!
            Thank you to you, your team, Olympus and everyone else involved in the day.
            Now, how do I arrange the loan of a 40-150…..? 😉

            Thanks so much Alec, it was a pleasure and I’m so glad you enjoyed the workshop. For more information on the lenses and how to arrange a loan please see Claire at Olympus and I’m sure she can help.

            Drop me an email and I’ll copy you in

            After 35 years as a full time pro one is never to old to learn !
            A great day Rob was very informative with time given to us to help us with our change to Olympus from heavy DSLRs.
            I will book on more seminars with you well done Rob.

            I had a great day, Rob – lovely to see so many people at all stages of their businesses! Some excellent pictures, too, and a lovely place to be.
            (Light Blue Software)

            It was a pleasure to have you along “H” and thank you for all your expert advice and demonstration on Light Blue

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