Bel Dragon Reading

 Carly and Jaz wedding at Bel and the Dragon Reading on 16 June 2016.

Bel Dragon Reading

Bel Dragon Reading is a location I’ve only covered once, but high on my list to return. With its riverside location and stunning surroundings, your wedding will be one to remember. Walking along the boat’s decking to say your wedding vows could only be a magical moment. Bel Dragon is only a short drive to Caversham Court Gardens, the perfect place for your wedding photography portraits.

Back at the Bel and the Dragon, the evening entertainment will be lighting up the sky. With the long decking of the boat and retractable roof, it’s my choice for a summers day wedding. Can you imagine dancing under the stars, well you can put your imagination into practice at this location? Simple dance the night away.

Your wedding photography will have that soft vintage look, pastel colors and capturing the emotion from the day. What could be better than a location in the heart of the town with the look and feel of the countryside?

Take some time to look at this small selection of images from a wedding I covered at Bel and the Dragon Reading.

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