Wedding Albums



Designed, Built And Delivered By Hand

You may be wondering how our wedding albums process works so I’d like to run through what happens after the wedding to your final album delivered to your door. We custom design every collection tailored to your requirements. I’ll be showing some images from an album I’ve worked on so you’ll get to see my current design flow.


Design And Build The Wedding Album

After I’ve created your final set of photos, I’ll go through them one last time to edit them down into what I think is the absolute perfect set of pictures from the day. These are the photos I think will look great on the album and that will give a balanced account of what happened on your wedding day.

Your wedding album will have 30 pages included. Before starting to design, I’ll check with you to see if you’d like me to keep exactly to the number of pages included in your package, or whether you’d like me to design more, so you have some to choose. Sometimes couples see the extra pages and upgrade so they can have them all, but if you want to make some changes and get the page count back to what’s included in your package the way I do this is pretty simple too.

Wedding Album Proofing

I use a program called album proofer by fundy software for you to view and proof your album pages. As you look through the album, you can enter any comments into the box to let me know if you would like to keep the page or disregard it.As well as deleting pages, you may want to change some of the photos to ones you’d prefer instead, and this can be done using the comment box as well. The first revision of your proof is vital you communicate all the changes you want so I can get to work refining your album, so it’s just the way you want it. Most times, only a few changes are needed, and the wedding album can be signed off and ordered after the first revision. There is no limit to the changes you can make in this revision.

Wedding Album Design

Once the changes are complete, I’ll upload the revised album for you to proof. It should now look like your perfect wedding album. If you do a second revision of your proof, this is in your package price, and you can make these changes in the comment box just as before. I make the changes and re-upload the album for you to proof again.


Album Delivery

When it comes to creating your album, winter weddings completed in just a few days, but for high season weddings (August and July) it may take a little longer. The first design can be ready within a few weeks of your wedding. Typical turnaround time is six weeks from the album approved.