Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography.

I have put together some frequently asked questions that pop up when I’m talking to my clients so feel free to look at them. Make sure to have a look at our wedding photography packages.

My job as a wedding photographer is to observe the events unfolding. I don’t want to intervene or contrive anything. Sadly, I won’t turn up to your wedding disguised as a ninja with step ladders and six cameras around my neck – instead, I’ll turn up looking just like all your other guests, and behave like them too.


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After our first phone conversation, we will arrange a convenient date and time where I can come and see you. It will usually start with a cup of tea and me listening to your story on how you both met. I will then find out what your approach is on your wedding day and what you are looking to capture. You can also have a look at our packages before I come and see you.


Q1: Do you photograph the wedding?

A: I will shoot every wedding photography package we book. I’m also the designer when it comes to creating your wedding album. All our books are custom designed for each wedding, and we don’t use templates, so it’s built just for you.

I only book a limited number of weddings into my calendar which means that dates are in high demand.

Q2: What style of photographer are you?

A: My style of shooting is a blend of emotion and reportage photography, although I like to add a twist of different shooting styles throughout the day. My coverage of the bride preparations will be informal with classic detail shots. Covering the ceremony will, of course, be reportage and after we will take formal family and group shots but in a modern and relaxed way. We will then whisk the bride and groom away for their stunning portraits. We still have time to cover candid moments throughout the day that will tell a story for years to come.

Q3: When do we get our photos?

A: After your wedding day is complete, I’ll begin working on creating your set of photos. These will be in your online gallery, so you have immediate access to them. Typically take me around 2-3 weeks depending on the time of the year.

I’ll then start to design your wedding album by going through your images one last time, to pick out what I think is the absolute perfect set of photos from the day. These are the photos I think will look great on the album and that will give a balanced account of what happened on your wedding day. Within six weeks you should have your wedding album and USB in your hands. Click here to see more information on your wedding album.

Q4: Do you stay for speeches?

A: Yes most definitely. We will cover your whole wedding day with no time limitations (depending on your package), but where possible to give you and your guests some free time to enjoy your meal we always encourage you to have the speeches first.

Q5: How long do you need for photographs?

A: So we don’t take over your day, the photography shoot after the ceremony would include the full group shots and the family formals of the immediate family. We can allow 30 minutes for this part. I would then like to whisk the bride and groom away for 30-40 minutes so we can capture relaxed iconic portraits from around the location. If you were to allow 1 hour 30 minutes for the photos, then we can do all this without rushing and in a relaxed way.

Q6: Where do you cover?

A: This one is simple; we cover all over the UK and destination weddings photography overseas.


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Robert Specialises in relaxed, fun and romantic storytelling photography. Take a look at our wedding photography packages and see what we can offer you.