RPS London Streetwalk


RPS asked if I could organise a London Streetwalk for all there members, so I decided to arrange a walk starting from Shoreditch, and ending all the way over in South Bank.It was defiantly a cold winters day in London with the first signs of snow falling at 8am, but lucky for us it didn't last long. The 70 miles an hour winds was a battle at some points of the walk twisting around narrow buildings and back streets, but after a coffee stop everyone was ready to carry on down the silent streets of London.There were 15 of us in total, and everyone having a good chat sharing images and camera settings along the way, but most important even though the London streets were quiet and cold we all had fun. London Streetwalk can be challenging when trying to find subjects and buildings worth taking a shot of, but my advise is don't look! let the image find you.Big thanks to everyone that attended. Don't forget to post your images to enter the London Streetwalk competition to win a BlackRapid camera strap.The competition winner is Wayne Lee for this street shot, as he was using a film camera on the day and the composition with the subjects. Well done and the BlackRaid Camera Strap is in the post to you.