Our Story


You're probably wondering what this page is about If you've cast your eyes over my about me page, then you already know a lot about me. But that's me as a business overview and sneak peek at my background.

Its time to find out about me as a person and why I started this business. So let us go back to what i love photography and what I like to do.

Growing up I was always messing around with my dad's old cameras in the loft. What i didn't realise back then is how essential cameras would be in my life.

As an adult taking pictures was an escape from this crazy world we live in and the opportunity to travel and explore new locations.

After spending years travelling the globe, meeting new friends and exploring work prospects, I soon realised a desk job was not right for me.


International Traveler.


I started RP Photography By Design way back in 2009, money was low, and I had three months to make it work for me. If I failed and im a big believer in failure I would have to resort to a desk job. With determination, i purchased my first new camera and started to earn money for this fantastic black box.

Time worked well for me as I started to see my business grow, with that making new friends in the photography industry. Before long I was taking destination jobs on and visiting New York, Yes New York. It was at that point I knew what I wanted to do.

I was an international photographer not to be mistaken for a foreign man of mystery after New York came to Hong Kong and finally Las Vagus.

I'm so happy to travel the world making memories for all the wedding, event customers I work with not to mention myself.

RP Photography Photography By Design is a family run business with heart and soul. Although we need money to run the buisness, we put customers and opportunities first by booking with us your supporting my love of travel, exploring and my love of memory making.