Sunny & Tom’s Wedding


            Todays wedding was held at The MacDonald Berystede Hotel in Ascot where the Bride and Groom dressed to their own traditions to bring a mix of  saris and kilts to the happy occasion. I met with Sunny as she was in having her hair and make up preps, whilst the rest of the girls were busy helping each other get into their sari.

            The girls had a brief break as Sunny presented them all with a gift followed by a pop of a cork from the champagne and a light bite to eat for those that had time to stop to enjoy. Tom and the lads were in the bar enjoying a pre ceremony drink of there own whilst they too were presented each with a gift from the groom.

            As the guests started to arrive they were shown to their seats to await the bridal party as a string band softly played in the background. Following the ceremony the guests enjoyed a drinks reception of warmed spiced pimms before gathering outside the hotel gardens to make full use of the break in the clouds to capture some stunning photos before the rain set in again.

            The guests were seated to a wedding breakfast before  having some free time to enjoy sat in front of the roaring fireplace to await the arrival of the evening guests. The evening got underway with a live band to keep the guests on their toes through to the early hours.

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            Robert Pugh
            12th December 2014

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            We had a certain type of photographic experience in mind for our special day and we knew when we first met with Rob in the summer that he was exactly what we wanted.

            Rob put us at ease on that day and continued to do so on our e-shoot in October. Apart from a few group and posed photos on the wedding day, we hardly noticed that he was there and, yet, the key moments are all captured beautifully.

            As you say in many of your Facebook postings Rob, it’s the details that matter and you certainly captured many a detail on our day. We are very pleased with our photos and family members have commented on how well they tell the story of the day.

            Thank you very much :o)

            Thank you so much for that Tom & Sunny, it was a pleaser working with you both and all your friends and family on the day.

            Wish you both all the happiness.

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