Handcrafted Wooden Wedding Photo Box


Wooden USB Box

Every Wooden USB Box comes filled with 30 prints

This Handcrafted Wooden USB Box has everything you need to showcase your wedding day story. 180×180 handmade wooden box filled with 30, 6×4 prints and all your images placed on wooden USB. We then carefully fill and decorate the inside of the box with wood wool. Delivered to your address in a custom cardboard box. We include one of our Handcrafted Wooden USB Box in both our ten and twelve hour packages free of charge. There is a choice of colour stains to pick from completing your wedding photography package. Please find below a sample of the three different colour options.



Our Natural Handcrafted Wooden USB Box is unfinished showing the bare bones of the wood. If your feeling creative and would like to customise your own keepsake box, this is the one for you.


Dark Oak

The Dark Oak Handcrafted Wooden USB Box is pre-stained giving it a deep earthy feel. By staining the wood, it provides each wooden box with a unique look by enhancing the grain.



The Ebony Handcrafted Wooden USB Box is my personal favourite. With its dark everlasting colour and timeless looks. It will undoubtedly be the centre of attention as you showcase your prints to family and friends.