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        Planning your wedding? Found yourself filing through a never ending list of local wedding photographers in the hope of finding someone who’ll create the most amazing images?

        Why Choose RP Photography By Design

        When you’re presented with what feels like hundreds to choose from, making the call on who to pick for your day can be incredibly tough. After all, you want wedding photography that’s going to last you a lifetime. Simply choosing any old wedding photographer in Newbury won’t do. That’s why it’s important to look not only at their previous work but their personality. Their abilities when capturing an image go way beyond simply creating a beautiful picture. A truly great photographer will capture the emotion, the raw moment of the image and allow you to relive it for years to come.

        From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to their first dance, all the emotions, the feelings that were felt at that very time would be felt in the instant you look through your pictures. Robert at R P Photography is incredibly proud of his ability to capture such raw emotions in his wedding photography. Having been a huge player within the professional wedding photography sector since 2010, Robert has developed not only a style of his own but an ability to capture a moment in time. He prides himself on offering couples a truly professional experience from start to finish which is why he created 3 amazing wedding photography packages to suit any wedding and any budget.


        The wedding photography packages that Robert, our Berkshire wedding photographer offers, are there to make your life that little bit easier. It’s well known just how stressful planning a wedding can actually be. Throw in complicated pricing structures and it’s another cause for stress that you just don’t need. Robert’s three wedding photography packages are all based on hourly rates. They range from five hours to ten hours and even twelve hours.

        FIVE HOURS


        The five-hour package is priced at £450 and although considered a “half day” package, usually covers the ceremony, wedding breakfast and group shots.

        TEN HOURS


        The ten-hour package will capture pre-wedding preparation, the ceremony, wedding breakfast and everything until usually the first dance.



        The twelve-hour package however, covers the entire day, all the way through until the very last glass served.

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        If you’d like more information on Robert from RP Photography, one of the best wedding photographers in Newbury, simply contact Robert today on 0741 1113815.